1051 N Milliken Ave


Building 1051 N Milliken Ave

Ontario, CA, USA

Kohl's Ontario, 10601-Ontario - Solar, Kohls Ontario Recertification


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This building has an 8 year timeline with 5 green activities including a LEED Silver certification.


Kohls Ontario Recertification
awarded on 06/16/2015
LEED EB 2009
Kohls Ontario Recertification
registered on 08/14/2014
LEED EB 2009
Kohl's Ontario
awarded on 01/25/2011
LEED EB 2009
Kohl's Ontario
registered on 02/05/2010
LEED EB 2009

Walk Score®: 71/100


Building Details

Owner Type(s) Corporate: Publicly Traded
Space Type(s) Retail
CBSA Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA
USGBC Chapter Inland Empire Chapter
EPA Region Pacific Southwest
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #3
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Large fringe metro
Utility Provider Southern California Edison Co.
Building Type Retail Store
Building Owner Kohl's Department Stores
Property Manager Kohl's Department Stores
Label Year(s) 2008
Rating(s) 89
Year Constructed 2003
Number of Years Certified 1
Certification Years 2008
Score(s) 89
Property type Retail Store
Year constructed 2003
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