15 Henry St


Building 15 Henry St

Binghamton, NY, USA

Binghamton Courthouse, Binghamton Federal Building and CH, NY0016ZZ - BINGHAMTON COURTHOUSE + 1 more


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This building has a 4 year timeline with 6 green activities including a LEED Certified certification.


Binghamton Federal Building and CH
awarded on 07/01/2013
LEED EB 2009
reported on 04/23/2013
2012 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition
Binghamton Federal Building and CH
registered on 11/14/2012
LEED EB 2009

Walk Score®: 92/100


Building Details

Owner Type(s) Government Use: Federal
Space Type(s) Courthouse, Office
CBSA Binghamton, NY
USGBC Chapter New York Upstate Chapter
EPA Region /epa_regions/2
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #6
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Small metro
Utility Provider New York State Electric & Gas Corp.
Building Type Courthouse
Building Owner GSA Region 2
Property Manager GSA Region 2
Label Year(s) 2011, 2010
Rating(s) 95, 91
Year Constructed 1933
Number of Years Certified 2
Certification Years 2010, 2011
Score(s) 91, 95
Property type Courthouse
Year constructed 1933
building owner US General Services Administration
organization US General Services Administration
year built 1935
energy starting weight in kbtusqft 90
energy final weight in kbtusqft 105
reduction energy use -17.1%
ghg emissions prevented in mtcoe 20
energy cost savings #N/A
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