408 McCallie Ave


Building 408 McCallie Ave

Chattanooga, TN, USA

AEED - 408 McCallie Ave, The 408 McCallie Avenue Building


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This building has a 5 year timeline with 3 green activities.


AEED - 408 McCallie Ave
registered on 07/25/2011
LEED EB 2009

Walk Score®: 88/100


Building Details

Owner Type(s) Corporate: Privately Held
Space Type(s) Office
CBSA Chattanooga, TN-GA
USGBC Chapter East Tennessee Chapter
EPA Region Southeast
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #4
NHCS Urban Rural Classification Medium metro
Utility Provider Chattanooga Electric Power Board
Building Type Office
Building Owner Professional Group Properties
Label Year(s) 2017, 2015
Rating(s) 77, 76
Year Constructed 1948
Number of Years Certified 2
Certification Years 2015, 2017
Score(s) 76, 77
Property type Office
Year constructed 1948
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