1705 17th St

Denver, CO, USA

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Activites at this building employ the following strategies:

# of Activities
SSc1 Site selection
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Select a project site that is not located on prime farmland, a 100-year FEMA flood zone, endangered species habitat, public parkland, or near wetlands or any other water body.

SSc4.1 Alternative transportation, public transportation access
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Select a project site that is located within walking distance of bus stops, metro stops or train stations.

SSc4.3 Alternative transportation, low-emitting & fuel-efficient vehicles
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Encourage the use of alternative-fuel vehicles (hybrid, electric, CNG, etc) by providing these vehicles for the use of building occupants, installing alternative-fuel refueling stations or offering preferred parking for alternative-fuel vehicles.

SSc6.2 Stormwater design, quality control
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Filter any stormwater leaving the site through the use of continuous deflective separation (CDS) units, vegetated roofs, bioswales, etc.

SSc7.1 Heat island effect, non-roof
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Select open-grid paving materials, hardscape paving materials that do not absorb and radiate heat, or shade hardscape areas.

SSc7.2 Heat island effect, roof
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Select roofing materials that do not absorb and radiate heat.

SSc9 Tenant design and construction guidelines
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Educate tenants about the base building sustainable design and ways tenants might enhance the sustainability of their tenant spaces, including support for earning LEED-CI

EAc1 Optimize energy performance
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Achieve increasing levels of energy performance above the baseline in the prerequisite standard to reduce environmental and economic impacts associated with excessive energy use.

EAc3 Enhanced commissioning
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

performance verification is completed.

EAc5.1 Measurement & verification, base building
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Provide for the ongoing accountability of building energy consumption over time.

EQc1 Outdoor air delivery monitoring
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Provide capacity for ventilation system monitoring to help sustain occupant comfort and well- being.

EAc6 Green power
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Encourage the development and use of grid-source, renewable energy technologies on a net zero pollution basis.

EQc2 Increased ventilation
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Provide additional outdoor air ventilation to improve indoor air quality for improved occupant comfort, well-being and productivity.

EQc3 Construction IAQ management plan, during construction
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Reduce indoor air quality problems resulting from the construction/renovation process in order to help sustain the comfort and well-being of construction workers and building occupants.

EQc5 Indoor chemical & pollutant source control
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Minimize exposure of building occupants to potentially hazardous particulates and chemical pollutants.

EQc7 Thermal comfort, design
LEED Core & Shell 2.0

Provide a comfortable thermal environment that supports the productivity and well-being of building occupants.


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