225 Grand Avenue


Building 225 Grand Avenue

Prairie du Sac, WI, USA

Grand Avenue Elementary School, Grand Avenue Elementary


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This building has a 1 year timeline with 1 green activity.


Grand Avenue Elementary
NCES Public Schools

Walk Score®: 58/100


Building Details

Space Type(s) K-12
CBSA Baraboo, WI
USGBC Chapter Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
EPA Region Great Lakes
ASHRAE Climate Zone ASHRAE Climate Zone #6
Utility Provider Prairie du Sac Water & Light Dept.
Building Type K-12 School
Building Owner Sauk Prairie School District
Property Manager Sauk Prairie School District
Label Year(s) 2013
Rating(s) 82
Year Constructed 1928
Number of Years Certified 1
Certification Years 2013
Score(s) 82
Property type K-12 School
Year constructed 1928
school level Primary
lowest grade taught 2nd Grade
highest grade taught 5th Grade
school type Regular School
charter school No
operational status Open
total enrollment 485
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