Setagaya-ku Fukasawa Symbiotic Housing Complex


Building Setagaya-ku Fukasawa Symbiotic Housing Complex

Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, JP


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Building Details

Space Type(s) Apartment building
points awarded 2.2
casbee tool used CASBEE-NC 2004
completion year 1997
building owner Setagaya Ward
assessment level A Rank
bee value 2.2
score of q quality category 3.9
q1 indoor environment 3.6
q2 quality of service 3.3
q3 outdoor environment on site 5
score of lr load reduction category 3.6
lr1 energy 3.6
lr2 resources and materials 3.4
lr3 offsite environment 3.9
designer Setagaya Ward + Ichiura Planners & Architects / IWAMURA Atelier Co.,Ltd.
contractor Daimei Kensetsu / Tateishi Kensetsu JV, Yokoyama Corporation / Omata Kensetsu JV (construction)
awards 1st JIA Sustainable Architecture Award, Prize of Excellence (The Japan Institute of Architects, 2000) Selected Architectural Designs of the AIJ (The Architectural Institute of Japan, 2000) World Habitat Awards 2002, (United Nations + Building and Social Housing Foundation, and others
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